Darken Sentry HAWC
Class Bipedal Anti-Personnel
Nickname Talon
Max Speed 75 kph
Shield Strength 60
Energy Reservoir 1000
Height 6.3 m
Weight 18 tons

The Darken Sentry HAWC is a bipedal anti-personnel vehicle of the Darken forces.

In G-NomeEdit

The Darken Sentry HAWC in G-Nome is one of the first vehicles encountered in the entire game. These are one of the more common contraptions used by the Darken military forces because of its fast speed and barrage of weaponry. This vehicle is often used for charging at enemy forces and scouting perimeters for threats. Its strongest asset is its swiveling head, which is can be useful when going against other sentry vehicles that have limited or no swivel application. Unlike other vehicles, such as the Darken Tactical Defense HAWC, the Darken Sentry HAWC lacks a strong energy reservoir and close-combat weapons. Also, a skilled player may be able to take down a Darken Sentry HAWC from a long distance before the vehicle can even reach its attacker.


  • Two Swivel/Pitch CHUM Missles (Fifty missles per rack)
  • Two Swivel/Pitch RUPP Lasers