Ejection is the ability that most vehicles and structures in the game G-Nome possess.

Mechanics Edit

There will be warnings when the vehicle or structure is under heavy fire and becoming damaged. When the vehicle or structure has its shields diminished and a critical part of it disabled, it will be destroyed. However, with the exception of base facilities, the occupants will be ejected from within the hull of the construct. While in a building, the occupant will be ejected directly from the base, usually straight into the fire of whatever destroyed what was in the former occupant's possession. However, if a HAWC is destroyed, the occupant will be shot dozens of feet in the air and land at a relatively distant location, giving the trooper the necessary time to react to the situation.

No auto-eject Edit

Under the circumstances that the occupant is inside of either a Merc vehicle or else a facility, they will be unable to utilize the auto-ejection system of other vehicles or structures. In this case, the majority of Merc infantry encountered in the G-Nome single-player campaign are unable to escape from their firey deaths.

Another case of having no auto-eject system is if an occupant is hit by an ion cannon. The red strike will eliminate any personnel in the area, destroy or damage and close vehicles and leave the target completely destroyed, no matter what status it was previously at.