The Scorp Federation as it's full name comprises, consists of a group of tall humanoid-like creatures with an insect-like appeal to their bodies and faces. They have four eyes and a manible similar to a crab or preying mantis. Their eyes appear to be compound, suggesting wide range of view of near 360 degrees. It is known that they have stingers, possibly in their hands or on a piece of the body not-yet seen, possibly due to their armor. Their color scheme consists of a variety of Greens and Jades along with Black.


  • "Jinx" Sentry HAWC
  • "Predator" Tactical Defense HAWK
  • "Scorpion" Heavy Assault Hawk
  • "Wasp" Union Airborne Insurgence Platform
  • "Stinger" Union Armored Support Vehicle


  • The Scorpion is the only HAWC to have the cockpit placed above the vehicle's main body, as it is located in the "stinger" of the Scorpion's body and seems to hang there.
  • The Jinx is one of the slowest HAWCs in the game, clocking in at 56.25 kph.
  • In fact, with the exception of the Wasp, all the Scorp vehicles and HAWCs are undoubtly the slowest in the series.
  • The Predator could be seen as a Preying Mantis due to the manner of it's Arms, upward body and position of the legs. Thus giving it it's aforementioned name.