The Union comprises the entirety of humanity, now having been unified up to the point the games take place. They are the race of the protagonist, Joshua Gant. They are known for their buildings and vehicles, towers, and the like to have a dull metallic color with spats of red thrown in. Their buildings are also the most generic, being blockish in most aspects and full on square in others.


  • "Prowler" Sentry HAWC
  • "Rampage" Tactical Defense HAWK
  • "Lion" Heavy Assault Hawk
  • "Rapier" Union Airborne Insurgence Platform
  • "Titan" Union Armored Support Vehicle


  • They are the default race in Multiplayer.
  • They are the most seen race in the game, as the player is Human.
  • The only vehicles that do not have some color of red to their frame is the Rapier and the Titan.